3.08.17 (prelude)

My best ideas have often turned out to be insane, or stupid.  Or both.  So I’m going to attack this blog with a mind open to the fact that i know nothing.   I don’t even know where to begin.   Truth be told, given my brain, and my path, I have no idea how acurate any of my memories are.  Or if they even happened.  So much of identity is fabricated by the mechanism of society, family, and by our own brains.  I see myself trying to constantly evaluate and make sense of experiences which come at me like drinking out of a fire hose.  If my capacity for memory or for capacity to sort amd remember and analyze . . . But between genetics, hard drugs, and numerous traumas to the brain.  Well.  Let’s just say that what really happened is hard to pin down .  And sequences.

Nothing that I write is likely to be true.  It is important for me to say, however, that I AM MAKING EVERY EFFORT TO WRITE THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT.  

Not one word of this story is deliberately fictional.  I have plenty of true fodder for a mesmerizing read, but my purpose is fi and foremost to just try to figure out what all I have lived.  This is a personal quest and my mind can be convoluted.  

Follow me on this if you have the stamina, and maybe your brain will make more sense than mine of the chaos.


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